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Hi, I am Teona! Thank you so much for reading my first ever blog post. I am very nervous and very excited to start a travel blog.


I have been posting on Instagram @teona_wanderlust for almost a year now and I thought it was the right time to start sharing my travel experiences with you. I am from Georgia (a small country near Russia) but have been living in London for the past 11 years. As you will see from my upcoming posts I love travelling and eating good food.


I have owned a fashion business for last 12 years. Travelling is easier when you run your own business. Maybe I will write an article one day about being a business owner. Let me know in the comments below if that's something you would be interested in reading.

I am married and have two grown up kids. I have the sweetest golden cockapoo called Poppy (she is my 3rd kid really).

I will be posting about my past trips to Thailand, California, New York, Mexico, French Polynesia and of course Georgia. I have few upcoming trips planned to the Amalfi coast, Georgia, Ibiza, South of France, Portugal, LA and Bali. If you are planning one of those trips or just interested in my blog posts make sure to sign up to my newsletters. I promise I will never send you any junk just a reminder that there is a new post up.

I am very excited to be writing and connecting with new people. Thanks again for reading this post and come back for more posts soon. xxx


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