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Peanut butter and banana Porridge with berries

Updated: Mar 20

I've never been a big fan of porridge because of its texture but I finally got it perfect and it is definitely becoming one of my favourite breakfasts. I absolutely love how frozen berries get white coating when you put them on hot porridge. I use to see photos like this and always wondered what people did to berries to make them white. When I made this one the recipe I used did not mention anything about the berries but I had them in the freezer and added them as a topping and viola they went white! Accidental discovery :)


  • 50g porridge oats (rolled oats)

  • 1 ripe banana

  • 1 tbsp of smooth peanut butter I use Pip & Nut it doesn’t have any palm oil.

  • 1 tbsp of maple syrup

  • A scoop of vanilla protein powder

  • Half tbsp of chia seeds

  • 150ml of almond milk or whatever milk you like. Reduce amount if you aren’t using protein powder.


Smash half of the banana and add to the pan with all the ingredients. Boil for 5 mins continuously stirring so it doesn’t dry out. Add splash of milk if you see porridge is getting too thick.


You can add any topping you like to this but here is what I used.

  • Half Banana

  • Frozen Raspberries

  • Frozen Blackberries

  • Bit of peanut butter

  • Coconut flakes

Nutrition Per Portion

Cals: 583 - Carbs: 88g - Protein 36g - Fat 12g

Food Grade A (MyNetDiary)

Enjoy it! Please don't forget to tag me in your stories if you make it @teona_wanderlust I would absolutely love to see it ❤️

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