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How to get to Ischia & where to stay

Many of my followers on Instagram have been asking how to get to Ischia, how much does it cost and where to stay. Here is a little guide for you. Hope this helps.

Ferry from Naples to Ischia

We took a ferry from Pozzuoli (in Naples) to Ischia because of the time we needed but you can also take a ferry from Naples main port (Napoli Porta di Massa). There is also a ferry going Sorrento but does not take cars. The ferry prices range between €22 and €28 return for foot passenger. We paid £250 for return including 4 passengers and a car. It takes around 50-60 mins to get from Naples to Ischia and it is a very enjoyable ferry trip.

On the way to Ischia you can see Capo Miseno Lighthouse which is an active lighthouse. First image above. Ferry also goes by Procida island which looked really pretty and I was gutted we didn't't have time to visit it. I will definitely make another trip to visit Procida and for sure will be going back to Ischia.

It was super hot on the way back and air con was hardly working but I sat at the front of the top deck and got a bit of breeze. I would highly recommend not wearing a dress on the ferry if you want to move around. it is usually windy and you will end up holding your dress for whole time. Especially if you are like me who likes to take a lot of photos and moves around a lot.

There is a cafe on board but they only accept cash so make sure you either have cash with you or bring your own supplies.

Keep an eye on your belongings in Naples. We got robbed last year in day light with a lot of people around. so be ware of people around you.

Where to stay in Ischia

Here is the truth, we only stayed at one hotel in Ischia and I definitely want to go back to San Montano. San Montano Resort & Spa is part of Small Luxury Hotels, It is a perfect spot for couples or even just friends. It has fabulous panoramic views of Ischia Island. I am still dreaming of those views. San Montano is a Luxury 5 star resort with thermal pools and natural sauna. All outdoors with incredible views!

The gym has same amazing view which makes a workout whole new experience. Resort has a free shuttle to the town and Negombo beach.

Our room was great size with amazing balcony. You can check stories in highlights on my Instagram.

*Disclaimer - Free PR Stay. I choose hotels very carefully and free stay does not mean I am referring anyone to a hotel because of it. I would never promote a hotel if there was something wrong. I have previously refused to post about a hotel that I was not impressed with even though it was a free stay.

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